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We are developing methods to create arbitrary material combinations, arbitrary complexity, and arbitrary electromechanical functionality in structures and devices with over seven orders of magnitude in characteristic dimension.

Multi-Scale, Muscle-Like Actuation

We seek efficient, energy and power dense actuators to power all of our robots. 

We are developing aerial, terrestrial, and multi-modal robotic insects. This motivates basic questions in fluid mechanics, terramechanics, microfabrication, sensing, actuation, power, control, and computation. 

Adopting multi-scale, multi-material fabrication techniques allows us to create unique tools for microsurgery, endoscopy, and laparoscopy. 

Folding is a fundamental building block for many of the robots that we create. In particular, folding is the basis for our pop-up microfabrication methods and self-assembling robots. 

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