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The Microrobotics Lab leverages the "science-fiction-esque" nature of the robots we build to excite young students and encourage them to explore careers in STEM fields.

This page contains resources for students, parents, educators, and interested citizens of all ages. Please take a look and don't hesitate to contact us if you see something that interests you!


Note: this contact information is for outreach-related activities only. All other research and media related inquiries about the Microrobotics Lab should be directed to Professor Wood.

Outreach Coordinator



Mady Corrigan is a PhD student in the lab. Please email her with any questions about the Microrobotics Lab's outreach program. We are always interested in hosting tours and participating in programs serving middle and high school students. Teachers and STEAM program coordinators who work with students from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to reach out.

Director of Educational Programs



Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Contact her if you would like to arrange for a class trip to Harvard.


Check out videos of our research and presentations on our official lab YouTube channel


We have no upcoming events scheduled at the moment. Please check back again soon!

Microrobotics Lab students Ben Finio and Rebecca Kramer present at the Boston Museum of Science during National Robotics Week


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