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Robotic Insect Takes Off for the First Time, Technology Review

Harvard University's robotic fly takes flight, Engadget

Robotic Insect Takes World's First Bug-Bot Flight, Gizmodo

Robot helps you become a fly on the wall, UK Metro

The fly that's also a spy, Daily Mail

Harvard researchers develop robotic fly, Homeland Security Daily Wire

Time Magazine, October 22 edition (print only)

Scientists are abuzz with talk and work on robotic spy bugs, The Boston Globe

Are We Being Watched by Flying Robot Insects?, Popular Science

Robotfluga kan få jobb som spion, Ny Teknik

The fly's a spy, The Economist

Tinker, Tailor, Robot, Fly, Harvard Magazine

Robotic Fly to Descend on New York, Slashdot

Robert Wood selected to Technology Review's 2008 TR35 class, Technology Review 

'Ecological Urbanism' Provides Sense of the Future, The Boston Globe

"Smart Sheets" Can Self-Assemble Into Airplanes, Boats, Popular Science

Origami that folds itself, Nature News

Innovator: Rob Wood, Business Week

PARITy differential keeps your MAV flying level even if you clip its wings, Engadget

Cracking flight’s mysteries, Harvard Gazette

Robotic Insects See Improvement, Harvard Crimson

Cracking flight's mysteries: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a microrobot, PhysOrg

Tiny micro air vehicles may someday explore and detect environmental hazards, PhysOrg

When bird meets machine, bioinspired flight, PhysOrg

Bugs and Bots Enthrall at Ed Portal, Harvard Crimson

Science and the National Science Foundation 2010 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, Science

Chasing Nature, Technology Review

Flying microrobot takes steps toward full autonomy, PhysOrg

Tiny Robotic Bee Assembles Itself Like Pop-Up Book, Wired

Rise Of The Robotic Bees, NPR

Harvard Lab Builds New Robotic Insects, Harvard Crimson

Forecasting Harvard's Future, Harvard Magazine

NSF to Honor Two Early Career Researchers in Computational Science With Alan T. Waterman Award, National Science

Foundation press release

Robert Wood of Harvard University has been awarded the 2012 Alan T. Waterman Award, National Science Foundation interview

Printable Robots: MIT Project Wants to Let You Design and Fabricate Your Own Machines, IEEE Spectrum

MIT Project Aims to Deliver Printable, Mass-Market Robots, Wired

MIT-Led Team Aims to Make 'Printable Robots' Widely Available, PC Mag

Design, Program, and Build a Customized Army of Robots in a Day, Popular Science

Mass-Production Sends Robot Insects Flying, Live Science

Is Origami the Future of Tech?, Bloomberg Businessweek

Sreetharan, pioneer of pop-up robots, named to TR35, Technology Review

Pentagon helps build Meshworm reconnaissance robot, BBC

RoboBees: Design Poses Intriguing Engineering, Computer Science Challenges, NSF Science Nation

Into the Fold, Science News

This Crawling Inchworm Robot Can Be Printed Out and Folds Itself, IEEE Spectrum

A Remote-Controlled Robot the Size of a Fly, NY Times

Robot 'fly' is big step for Harvard researchers, Boston Globe

Robotic fly takes off at Harvard, The Guardian

Miniature flying robots: Robodiptera, The Economist

Harvard scientists make robot insect; it took 12 years and flew 12 seconds, Washington Times

Harvard Researchers Create 'Smallest Robotic Insect Capable of Flight, Harvard Crimson

Tiny Robotic Insects Take Flight, Forbes

Robotic insects make first controlled flight, Harvard Gazett

Robotic fly takes flight, USA Today

Robotic insect: World's smallest flying robot takes off, BBC

Robot Bees Learn to Fly, Scientific American

Bug-Inspired Robots Designed to Do Our Dirty Work, Discover Magazine

Flying Robotic Bees Are Here!, This Could Be Big, ABC News

Biomimetics: Flying like a fly, Nature News & Views

Robotic Bees Take Flight, CNN Money

Buzz-Worthy: The World's Smallest Flying Robot, Bloomberg

Flat-pack structures build themselves, Chemistry World

Autonomous RoboBee no flight of fancy, Reuters

RoboBees to the Rescue, NOVA

Robobees to the Rescue, Planet Forward TV

SEAS Video: RoboBee, Harvard Alumni Association

Rise of the Insect Drones, Popular Science (cover story)

Airmail, to your door, Harvard Gazette

Swarms of drones could be the next frontier in emergency respone, NBC News

The Challenge of Manufacturing Between Macro and Micro, American Scientist

Flying robots: Nature inspires next generation design, BBC

Professor Wood named one of National Geographic's 2014 "Emerging Explorers", National Geographic

Insect-Inspired Sensors Improve Tiny Robot's Flight, The Scientist

New RoboBees show that the future of robotics is very, very small, Washington Post

Robot folds up, walks away, Harvard Gazette

Self-Folding Robot Based on Origami, Wall Street Journal

Origami Inspires Rise of Self-Folding Robot, New York Times

Watch! Origami-inspired robot assembles itself in 4 minutes, Los Angeles Times

Origami inspires self-folding robots, USA Today

BotMakers, Unite! Origami Robots Could Start 'Transformer' Revolution, NBC News

Engineers are using origami to fold the robots of the future, Washington Post

Scientists make cheap, fast self-assembling robots, Associated Press

Robotic helpers? Scientists tout cheap robot that assembles itself, Reuters

Transformer Paper Turns Itself Into A Robot. Cool!, NPR

Origami-Inspired Pop-Up Robots Spring to Life, AAAS Science News

Origami robot folds itself up, scuttles away, Boston Globe

Self-Folding Origami Robot Goes From Flat to Walking in Four Minutes, IEEE Spectrum

Self-organising origami robot unfolds itself… and walks, New Scientist

Robots inspired by origami fold themselves into motion, BBC

Self-assembling origami robot is world's first Transformer, The Guardian

Watch: scientists invent 'origami robot' that can assemble itself, The Telegraph

Origami Robot Can Self-Assemble and Walk Without Human Help, Newsweek

NSF Science Now: Episode 26, National Science Foundation

Microrobots are the "Bee's Knees" for Harvard Professor, Communications of the ACM

Engineer Sees Big Possibilities in Micro-robots, Including Programmable Bees, National Geographic

Freaky Soft Robot Walks Through Fire and Ice, IEEE Spectrum

Cutting the cord on soft robots, Harvard Gazette

The Head-Scratching Case of the Vanishing Bees, NY Times

Robotic Bees: Engineering the Future, National Geographic Radio

This Soft Robot Uses Explosions to Jump, IEEE Spectrum

The incredible world of micro-robots, CNN

Origami Robots Enter the Fold, Discover Magazine

Meet National Geographic's Emerging Explorers, National Geographic

The buzz of something new, The Economist

Aerodynamics: Vortices and robobees, Nature

Explorer Moment of the Day - Invasion of the RoboBees, National Geographic

Podcast: Mapping a drug war, medications that warp our judgement, and more, Science

And now, the hopping robot, Harvard Gazette

A Soft Bot That Jumps, Harvard Magazine

Nearly Unbreakable Soft Robot Ignites Explosions to Jump, Popular Mechanics

Soft 3D-Printed Robot Propels Itself With Explosions, Popular Science

Jumping, Froglike Robot Takes a Big Leap Forward, Discovery News

3D-Printed Explosive Jumping Robot Combines Firm and Squishy Parts, IEEE Spectrum

Bouncing Bots, Scientific American

This jumping, squishy robot looks like a tiny UFO, Washington Post

Fire-powered 3-D printed robot can jump like a frog, Beta Boston

Watch it jump! 3D-printed hopper could lead to better rescue robots, Los Angeles Times

Robot Combines Hard Shell With Soft Body for Explosive Leaps, NBC News

This adorable explosion-powered robot hops around like a frog, Business Insider

How 3D Printing Helps Robots Tackle Their Greatest Obstacle, Time

Bioinspired Robotics: Softer, Smarter, Safer, Wyss Institute

Insect-Like Robot Can Jump On Water, Popular Science

Two leaps forward for robot locomotion, Science Magazine

Bug Bots! These Insect-Inspired Robots Can Jump on Water, Live Science

Robot can leap from water's surface, BBC News

Robots Reveal How Water Striders Jump on Water, IEEE Spectrum

Watch this robotic water-strider hop on top of water, Los Angeles Times

Flat-packed, foldable 3-D-printed robots could teach kids to code, Beta Boston

Harvard's Robot Bee Is Now Also a Submarine, IEEE Spectrum

Dive of the RoboBee, Harvard SEAS

RoboBee Lidar Useful for Robocars?, IEEE Spectrum

'Squishy Finger' Soft Robot Hands Allow Sampling of Delicate Corals, National Geographic

Squishy robot fingers help divers nab fragile coral, Science

Harvard roboticist gives researchers a hand for deep sea exploration, Boston Globe

'Squishy Robot Fingers' Tenderly Sample Fragile Marine Lifeforms, NBC News

Squishy Robotic Fingers Collect Fragile Marine Creatures From Ocean Floor, Tech Times

Lens of Time: Bumper Bees, California Academy of Sciences

Robo-bee: miniature robot perches like an insect, BBC

Flight of the RoboBee! Tiny aerial robots could spy in rooms by perching on walls using static electricity like a sticky balloon, Daily Mail

Flying Insect-Inspired Robot Can 'Rest' Midflight, Live Science

Meet 'Robobee' - the tiny drone designed to perch and save energy, The Guardian

RoboBees can perch to save energy, Harvard Gazette

Calling All Drone Fans: Perching Robots Have Landed At Last, Forbes

Flying Mini Robots Can Cling to Your Window, Scientific American

Inspired by bees, flying robots use static to stick their landing, Washington Post

Harvard's RoboBee uses static to stick to surfaces, Engadget

Flying RoboBees can stick to leaves to monitor disaster zones, The Telegraph

RoboBee Clings to the Ceiling With Static Electricity, Popular Mechanics

The Flight of the RoboBees, Science Friday

A Tiny Robot That Can Fly and, Amazingly, Rest, New York Times

Harvard Launches Robot Moth, IEEE Spectrum


Flybot robotic fly, in "Design and the elastic mind", New York Museum of Modern Art, 2/24/2008-5/12/2008

Ecological Urbanism, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 3/30/2009 - 5/17/2009

It's A Small World: Nano Landscaping and Micro Robotics at the Boston Museum of Science, 4/16/2010

Modern By Design at the High Museum of Art Atlanta, 6/4/2011-8/21/2011

Printable Robots are featured at the Designers' Open in Leipzig, 10/25/2013-10/27/2013

RoboBees are featured in an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum entitled "Tools: Extending Our Reach", 12/12/2014-5/25/2015

RoboBees are featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston entitled "Microrobotics Takes Flight"


NextWorld: Future Danger, Discovery Channel (aired 10/1/08)

Weird Connections, Episode 3: The Fly, Discovery Science Channel (aired 10/7/08)

Popular Science's Future Of, Discovery Science Channel (aired 10/2009)

Shining City, New England Sports Network (aired 9/3/2010)

Daily Planet, Discovery Channel (aired 4/4/2012)


Tiny Flying ’Bots, The Harvard Crimson

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