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For more details on our work, please see our publications and YouTube channel

Multi-Scale, Muscle-Like Actuation

We seek efficient, energy and power dense actuators to power all of our robots. 


We are developing resistive, capacitive, and optical sensors — created primarily from elastomers and liquids — that can provide proprioceptive feedback for our soft robots or enable new wearable haptic and diagnostic devices. 

Our work in soft sensors and actuators enables unprecedented wearable robots for assistance, diagnostics, human-robot interaction, and communication. 

We are creating novel architectures for delicate manipulation based on our artificial muscles. In addition to canonical uses for robotic manipulation, we are leveraging these “squishy hands” for exploring and sampling deep sea organisms. 

We are developing aerial, terrestrial, and multi-modal robotic insects. This motivates basic questions in fluid mechanics, terramechanics, microfabrication, sensing, actuation, power, control, and computation. 

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